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Re: Moving Average indicators for MT4

Darks wrote:
Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:04 am
So it seems that anything that can reflect trend and oscillates between 0 to 1 (or can be normalized to fit that range) can be used as an gain factor for constructing corrected average. This version is using the RSI indicator to calculate the gain for cma.
keep up the good work
much appreciated

Re: Question about triangular arbitrage in forex Hopefully to get answer here

How you trade arbitrage in market? [/quote] A triangular arbitrage strategy exploits inefficiencies between three related currency pairs, placing offsetting transactions which cancel each other for a net profit. A deal involves three trades, exchanging the initial currency for a second, the second c...

Re: Currency Slope strength for MT4

a useful indicator, I hope it can help you in your daily trading, I take advantage of the help of some expert more than me, because I do not work? can you help me? Try using this of Mrtools tweaked ver - hope you knows well about ignore future parameter hellow mr tools can you check the code of thi...

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