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Anyone who believes the phrase "the spy balloon is just a civilian weather balloon" needs to understand that there is nothing civilian in China. All belong to the CCP and the SS of the CCP. Military-civilian integration

Re: A New Trading Game (chaos game) Played for Money and Played in Risk- Free Space

It is esoteric mathematics and does demand intellectual access so not everyone might find it easy to comprehend and then of course the diffusion of innovation follows a normal curve. But tell me how following this advocation is complicated to understand

Re: A New Trading Game (chaos game) Played for Money and Played in Risk- Free Space

Am I the only one who thinks that this thread belongs to a crazy person??? Nope! He got a different Implant..... :D .... While we trade high probability trades based on Supply and Demand ( just like any other business) and their established levels, he claims to be in charge of the market and knows ...


No offense towards American citizens, mrtools, but the US has the habit to establish their "research" of bioweapons in other countries, so the source or any what they claim as " accidents" can't be pinpointed on them. Like the Wuhan virus, a computer model of the Covid Virus had been researched alre...


Oh, and that inhale thing he is talking about is already being made. Who would have thought that.... :lmao:

Major shareholders in Moderna and Vertex........BLACKROCK and VANGUARD......what a surprise...... :D

Inhale mRNA.PNG


Of course he promotes the next two big money making schemes, as the current vaccine sales ( he claimed to be safe and effective.... :lmao: ) and profits have dropped. So he has already invested in: A new pandemic The new thing you can inhale..... .....Yeah, sure, mRNA based of kill even...

Re: Oil News

🤔🤔🤔🤨 [/url] Nope No need to buy black market oil for them. Russian oil is all flowing South to them through pipelines. And the European dummies got to buy that from them at high prices. Same for the gas. China got a big plant to liquify it.

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