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Jackson Doh wrote:
Wed Sep 08, 2021 12:23 pm
Dear Mr Tools,
I came across the Fast_Ema_Hull.mq4 indicator on the mql5 site. It is similar to the one Darks issued on here last year. I decided to try to do some upgrades to it so there's now a version with an on/off button and alerts, which appears to work just fine. I have also created a histo version but I've got a similar problem like with the Step Jurik in that this time there's repainting as the signal goes from sell to buy. There's no CleanPoint or PlotPoints to change so I'm out of my depth again. Would you mind having a look at the attached histo please and fix the coding error?

I am attaching the original file from mql5, the completed on/off button version that I made along with the problematic histo version.

Many thanks


Fast_Ema_Hull BT.mq4Fast_Ema_Hull_histo.mq4Fast_Ema_Hull.mq4

Edit: I just noticed the alerts don't work on the button. I hashed out the trend index and didn't correct it.
Whomever translated the mt5 version to mt4 turned it into a repainting indicator. Lately posted some Hull indicators using averages and fast ema was included, was a 0 to 1 histo, a regular histo, and a on chart version.

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