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Re: HMA - Hulll Moving Average

mntiwana wrote: Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:08 pm hull average x 2
This of Mladen version capable displaying 2 instances of Hull Moving Average - 2 in 1
usual 7 prices
both instances handled separately as per users requirement/strategy regarding periods and prices
full package arrows
Excellent stuff brother that what i am talking about

Re: 5 min Scalping

the dot-lines in the main chart are hma indies. searching for an alternativ indi of the second seperate window. marwilli, Nothing special there, please go to Hull MA tread and use double Hull MA with Averages heat map by Mladen. You will get better results if you use all indicators with the default...

Re: Coding Help

I have never told that I made the centered TMA as a joke. It was made based on Brian Millard's and J.M. Hurst's ideas and those ideas are far, far from a joke. What I have repeatedly told that it should not be used as a signal indicator, and since that recommendation (not to use it as signal indica...

Re: Coding Help

just some common thoughts on TMA; The fact that everything that "recalculates" is bad is not correct. The most common mistake that users make is, generally they look at every indicator from the "signalling" point of view. Which is where the failure happens. TMA should never be l...

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