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Hi friends I hope you are well I have an issue like everyone know that each broker has its own price quotation so you can have a bullish candle on some broker and another bearish on another broker and on the Same currency pair my question and which broker offers the same quote as the tradingviews si...

Re: Coding Help

Can someone help me to make this indicator not repaint I disable the function line I leave only the patterns but sometimes it disappear that can checked?

Re: Coding Help

Are you aware that some pairs are extremely difficult to trade and therefore have to absolutely avoid for beginners alord that others are "made" for beginners. The pairs that contain the Japanese yen are not fundamentally difficult but are too dangerous for a beginner or if you do not have...

Re: Coding Help

Hi guys Mrtools and Mladen I need a small answer from you I have an indicator that in the present does not reply at all but in the bastester it changes pattern I think it is not compatible With the bactester it's true

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