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Music : THOMAS BERGERSEN - Colors Of Love

@bonifaas_abe : you are wellcome How to listen in order to be lost for about 15min: start [THOMAS BERGERSEN - Colors Of Love] at 4:25 of [THOMAS BERGERSEN - Colors Of Love] hit playat [Schiller - Nachtflug - Night Flight] and let both play at 4:27 of [Schiller - Nachtflug - Night Flight] hit play at...

Music:Flaer Smin – Alone In The Dark

Flaer Smin – Alone In The Dark Deepjack, Mr.Nu feat. Veselina Popova - Crush (Kovary Remix) Added cpl of minutes later : Just a bonus track : ) Ali Farahani - Younan (Original Mix)

Re: Coding Help

@TEAMTRADER exactly ! to learn how to do it , a good idea will be to study similar with your indention indicators created by mladen or mrtools , also keep in mind that is not the same task for all kind of indicators . Have a look at this one it might be a nice start for you : OnChart Stochastic 3.01...

Re: Coding Help

Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:00 pm
Would someone look at this and see why it does not show the stochastics 'line' on the chart please?
it does show on chart , you can see it if you shrink your chart to include lower values!.

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