Re: Which broker do you use?

I am diversifying my portfolio, so I am in between trading with these brokers:
1. Turnkey Forex (competitive spreads and low commission)
2. Fxchoice (various deposit methods)
3. LMFX (low commission)

Re: Which broker do you use?

I have used several brokers including some top tier like ic markets, pepperstone. I also use fxview, seems new entrant, quite solid at the start. Same with blueberry experience as well.

Re: Which broker do you use?

I heard it but nothing happened to my account so far. Besides, I had 2FA enabled. I gained confident to trade with them for their reaction to this incident.

Re: Which broker do you use?

I trade using FP Markets (Raw spreads ECN account) mainly because of their robust trading conditions.

I had no issues with spread widening even when the markets have been choppy over the last couple of months. In general, they one of the top brokers with 15 years of experience and a ASIC regulation

Re: Which broker do you use?

mlawson71 wrote:
Tue Sep 08, 2020 12:32 am
Guys, if any of you are using German-regulated brokers, be warned that there are people spreading fake emails from the German regulator BaFIN. These emails appear to be circulating on the behalf of Elisabeth Roegele, the BaFIN Vice President and are made to look and read the part using certain special softwares that fraudsters are using. It's a phishing scam, don't fall for it!
Yes it was mass. I won't be surprised if it's a scam email though, we get used to know what fake emails look like, targeting money. People need to differentiate between genuine and fake emails/link click, it's very common practice by scammers.
One of my brokers Fxview is registered with BaFin but I didn't receive such email. Maybe some selected groups.

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