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Re: Heiken Ashi Type Indicators

This is an attempt to translate the tradeview Heiken ashi rsi. Indicator has divergence and limit bars to hopefully make it lighter on the computer. ./download/file.php?id=3397939 [/url] Does this indicator repaint? Because backtest and real time charts dont match exactly (talking about divergences).

Re: Export .csv file after backtest.

Hi ffsss, That EA code below does similar. To check csv after test, go to \tester\files folder. double count13 = 0; double count15 = 0; void OnTick() { if(Hour() == 13) count13 += 1; if(Hour() == 15) count15 += 1; } //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| | //+---...

Export .csv file after backtest.

Is it possible to export a .csv file after a backtest? For example, if I create a counter for the number of operations that adds +1 each time an order is opened, at the end of the backtest I would create a .csv that would contain the value of the total number of open operations in that backtest.

Re: Institutional Tools Big Banks Use - Why 95% of retail fail

Yes it works with any instrument since it used by professionals in the financial markets. You need to have a paid tool to connect to the new york stock exchange to read real time data. If you need any help feel free to message me I dont have telegram, any other way i can message ...

Re: Institutional Tools Big Banks Use - Why 95% of retail fail

Institutional trades tonight, Ever wonder what that tool is at the homepage of Forex station? It is always used by institutions to to analyze a trades and other more. Dont be part of the retail bus. ./download/file.php?id=3396126 [/url] ./download/file.php?id=3396125 [/url] ./download/file.php?id=3...

Update SL each new bar

Hi, could someone help me updating the stop loss (of the 3 orders) to the last value of "stop" parameter? I am trying but doesnt seem to work. Thanks in advance! double entry = iCustom(NULL,0,"entry",11,0); double stop = iCustom(NULL,0,"stop",1,0); double tp1 = iCustom(NULL,0,"tp1",7,0); double tp2 ...

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