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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Please do you have VIX Volatility Extreme Indicator? How are you, my friend? I guess it refers to the paid indicator of the same name. frankly, I imagine a Waddah Attrar Explosion could do the same job for bands and volume. but if you wanted something specific in VIX, you can get it here on the for...

Re: XU-Hybrid Trend Trading System

It's great to follow your posts and I'm glad that you've returned to the origins of also including indicators, in addition to the SMC. I'm suspicious to say, XU MA is simply incredible, kkk. I also ended up including the TDI Red Green (by coincidence) for testing in the stocks/indices. I wish you mu...

Re: 90% complete, seeking advice

global wrote:
Mon Jun 05, 2023 1:00 pm
Ok, that's great to hear. I edited my post with a better description of when to exit a trade. If you wait on the higher timeframe EFT line to cross its signal line in the opposite direction to exit a trade, that will be too late.
maybe my main Jma Z score, HA Smoothed or the amazing Xu MA :)

Re: 90% complete, seeking advice

The best indicator I have found that identifies trend exhaustion which are reversals is the ! Ehlers Fisher transform smoothed histo (mtf + alerts + btn) You can download it from the link in this post: "Prices do not have a Gaussian P...

Re: ATR Indicators for MT4

ATR Probability Levels indicator (MT4 version) From Mladen: Probability levels based on ATR. "Probability" is calculated based on the projected Average True Range and previous period Close. Defaults are using daily period, but any time frame supported by MetaTrader 5 can be used. Translated it to m...

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