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Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Mustafa wrote:
Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:45 pm
Up and Running..... A have a small screen but the system is working smooth and perfect.. Thank you....... 2nd dot , 2nd dot , 2n dt, 2dt , 2t... 2... ........................
elegant and fast
XARD: WOOHOO!!! Time for me to retire and kick back. My work here is done folks

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Dear Mr Tools If you have the time can you please add this semphore a text that says buy or sell depending where the 3rd semphore is if its up it says "Sell" "Down Trend" if its Down it says "buy" or Up Trend. the semphore has 3 levels i only want the third one to display the direction in the main w...

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