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Re: Can you share your Symbol Timeframe Changer indicator for me Please

deadlinerandom wrote:
Fri Dec 17, 2021 1:12 am
i just stupid kid
sry lol
i dont know how to find
Thank you sir

You can use either domestic search here at FS , click on search icon 🔍 in the upper right corner and enter the search query. Or use google deep search , check this topic on how to Deep search Forex Station on Google.

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

Hi Sergei, now I know what the problem is; with the OBOS 70/30 setting everything is fine. The arrows are all drawn correctly. As soon as I change the setting to 75/25 I have the same picture as I sent you. Please try this 75/25 setting and see if you can find something we are both missing. PS: Tha...

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

Hi Sergei, today I tested the Indi in real market conditions and the results are promising. On the chart I tried to mark the arrows as much as possible: the arrows that should not be drawn I marked with cross. Although the red or green line has no separation, arrows are still drawn on the chart. Ma...

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

Can you please adjust the arrows to close of the candle? Because sometimes so many arrows are drawn that you can no longer see the candle. Thank you [/url] Hi Skyold, I did some changes, check it out now. "showINcross" thats for arrows when ent...

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

Dear Sergei & Coders, Apologies... Can you also try and help me with below request if possible? really appreciate it. I need this indicator to send alerts when it comes back from overbought and oversold zones... currently I think it does send alerts only when it enters the OB&OS zones.. Is this pos...

Re: MT4 no longer starts

Hello to all, I use the MT4 from ICmarkets. For a few days now I have had the problem, that the MT4 can no longer be started. I click on it, then it looks like it is about to start for 2-3 seconds but nothing happens. I tried it as an admin, I tried it without a firewall or security, even in safe m...

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