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Re: WW3



Ukraine's only hope is to escalate and draw NATO troops in and them firing long-range missiles over Russia's border will do it. WW3 gets ever closer.

Re: Climate/Energy News

Professor Wade Allison, an eminent mathematician and physicist, has written an eye-popping report for the Global Warming Policy Foundation about the inadequacies of wind power. "Wind power fails on every count," he says.

Re: WW3

The entire army that NATO trained between 2014 and 2022 in preparation for a Russian attack is dead, and recruits are being thrown into battle lines with three weeks of training. a5.PNG @Investingcom 1d *RUSSIA TO...

World Economy News

(not sure what happened to the sound on these vids, not happened before. If you click on 'read to whole conversation on twitter' on 'view on twitter' sound works US desperate that you know they are still the world leader (because they know they are losing it)

Re: WW3

If peace breaks out in Ukraine that would be a disaster for the US.

The US industrial military complex (a major part of the US economy) needs constant wars, it was why Trump had to go, he wouldn't start any and the 20 year old Afgan war was petering out.


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