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Re: Windows 10 to 11

Missing the simpler times of Windows XP and 7 those two were the best versions. Nice and clean cut operating systems 😪 XP and 7 were my favourites as well and I skipped all the Vista nonsense. The big problem is stopped security updates, when someone finds a hole the news spreads like wildfire thro...

Re: Windows 10 to 11

Thanks I'm a bit worried if I bypass and upgrade to Windows 11 it might be too heavy on my system with 8GB ram but I'm gonna give it a try... did you use Windows 11 on your old pc before you got the new computer?? You will certainly be fine using to steps in the first video and the ram will be fine...

Re: Windows 10 to 11

Do you use windows 11 or still on 10? Im on 10 tried to upgrade but said my 3 year old dell pc doesn't meet requirements lol whatever Yeah, the first video shows the exact steps to get a win10 machine to accept win 11 without up grading the cpu and should still work fine. It just makes some changes...

Re: Windows 10 to 11

Looks like MS are going to make things more difficult for older machine users with their upcoming Windows 11 24H2 update release.

Microsoft raising Windows 11 24H2 system requirement to block CPUs without SSE4.2 and PopCnt

Re: The Decline of the West

Reminder, the destruction of liberal democracies is deliberate and part of the plan to get people begging for more authoritarianism. I would replace the ident, instead of the useful idiots of 'the Biden admin' replace with 'the deep state henchmen of the Globalist Elite'.

Re: WW3 Countdown

Europe ready to send TROOPS to Ukraine to stop Putin's move | Redacted w Clayton Morris Mark Sleboda: Russia has DESTROYED Ukraine's Army and Putin's Next Move has NATO Worried Insight into prospects for western troop intervention if Russia get to Kharkiv and Odessa. ht...

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