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Re: Request you to Kindly : Please Suggest Good Quality Monitor

Monitors Tried be me in the past / past experience : 1) I have used Acer 43 inch 4k monitor which caused headache due to horizontal and vertical eye movement. 2) LG 32 inch monitor : Full HD : too much bright light, colours were ok. 3) Dell S series 24 inch : Full HD : yellow tint / yellow backgrou...

Re: News Ahead

RplusT wrote:
Fri Oct 07, 2022 6:00 pm
Besides, what happened to the "The US is the biggest oil producer on this planet". Then it shouldn't be a problem, is it!
same in the UK, Greta's army say we're not allowed to consume oil let alone produce oil so it's sky high energy prices for us.


Re: Energy Crisis

Pelham @Resist_05 1d Bill Gates admits he was “Personally Involved” in the Inflation Reduction Act Climate Change Funding. This Act will funnel US$737 billion into Bill Gates funded projects including wind, solar, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage.

Re: News Ahead

Meanwhile Biden contemplates another war, against - err, OPEC. Q: "When the president went to Saudi Arabia, he said, 'I'm doing all I can to increase the supply for the USA, which I expect to happen.' What happened?" JEAN-PIERRE: "His trip to the Middle East was not about oil. It was about America'...

Re: News Ahead

Sounds like Zelensky wants a preemptive strike against Russia. Zelensky is desperate to pull the west into a full on war with Russia, he is running out of man power as was inevitable. a8.PNG And Biden may just be the man to do it ... Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11 The Biden Regime just purchased $290 ...

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