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Re: Intraday swinging strategy.

Why did you deactivate bands on tdi and don't use any other bands? It's important to see when pair becomes trendy. Look in TDI thread for better tdi versions like the momentum ones. It's better to post tlp-files of template folder to see all settings than individual set-files. The adaptive jurik wa...

Re: Various Expert Advisors

Been working with this swb_grid_stealth EA... got the trend settings about right.....see the setfile. I am doing more testing, buy I ask good forum komrade Mr.Tools please to add EquityLoss... Post some feedback please.............. PS: unlike a variant of this EA, this one does fully work with no e...

Re: Various Expert Advisors

mrtools wrote:
Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:47 pm

I couldn't get it to do anything getting error 4051 invalid lots amount for OrderSend function, looking in the code not sure what's causing that.
Greetz Mr.Tools.

Thanks you for looking into this. I have never gotten the errors you mentioned...all i had was the err130.

Many thanks


Re: Various Expert Advisors

seems that when use_sl_and_tp==true, it still ordermodify 130 errors on the sell martingale tp. maybe you can see how it looks... Thank you. ps: i should have specified where the error was on first post...sorry Sorry,i misunderstood you at first post,i assume you was talking about warnings in the c...

Re: Intraday swinging strategy.

I would also like to indicate that I added a 4hr chart beside the 1h chart. The setting for the TDI indicator are the last ones i posted named TDI-tweaked.zip Seems to help to further determine likely swing and OB/OS levels. Good luck. ps: any comments or thoughts are most welcome, I would like to k...

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