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mladen wrote:Thread for NinjaTraded miscellaneous interesting stuff ...
Dearest MLADEN
Thanks for opening new opportunities for our new NT fellow users
Indicator is just a tool.

Use it only if it can benefit you. Leave it if you don't know how to use it optimally.

Re: NT8 NinjaTrader 8 indicators

I am copy/pasting the description :

Regression Channel with fixed start V2 NT8.0.2 updated


Update V2.1.0 22 Jan=>

* Bug fix: On some occasions when using fixed start the LRC would not adjust accordingly.
* Made text messages more readable and less intrusive. (From feedback....thank you).
* Added option for a start marker. (From feedback....thank you).
* ZOrder adjustment - place behind or in front of bars.
* For coders: 'Friendly' names enums - no more camel case enums!

Update V2.0.2 Jan=>

* Added Mean Absolute Deviation thanks to 'spooz2'

Note: Make sure you have >= NT8.0.3.1 for the button to work without issues.

Included with this LRC:

* Ability to start the LRC from any bar of your choosing via a button.
* Directional coloring.
* Bands
* Four different price marker displays: Price, Standard deviations, ticks from the middle line, regression slope per ticksize (which enables you to compare the slopes of other instruments)
* Decimal places formatter....adjust to your liking.
* Ability to use Raff channels as shown here in TASC Oct 1991
* You can use on any indicator
* Unlike the NT8 version, you can scroll backwards and the LRC will plot the past.


If using the LRC fixed start feature you will have to manually refresh the chart by pressing F5. This is the compromise of using an indicator instead of a drawing tool.

Re: NT8 NinjaTrader 8 indicators

MacdBB V4 NT8.0.4 + gradient + pullback setting


* Paint bars.
* Candle outlines.
* Paint background of panel and chart.
* Standard option.
* New pullback option. If the dots are above/below the average then the dominant trend colors the dots.
* Gradient option with improved gradient methods.
* Radial gradient 'bling' for your dots.
* Custom audio alert.
* Gapless option. Use intraday to ignore the opening gap. Useful for determining the opening trend.
* Chart signals for entry and exit, based on crossing of the zero line, average or bollingers.
* New SignalIntSeries using +1 for uptrend, -1 for downtrend to use in your strategies.
* Choice between standard deviations or mean absolute deviation (MAD).

Re: NT8 NinjaTrader 8 indicators

Par4 wrote:Thank you for sharing!

Does anyone have any volume profile indicators for NT8?
Hi Par4
Man you are Welcome here,thanks for joining us
Indicator is just a tool.

Use it only if it can benefit you. Leave it if you don't know how to use it optimally.

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