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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Hi MrTools, Please see the attached picture you'll note that the indicator is indicating an arrow value in Buffer 8 whereas it is not readable by Mladens Buffers explorer. So if possible can you make these values of the four arrows buffers readable in some way. Many thanks

Re: MT5 Ehler's indicators

From Mladen Rakic: In his article in February 2022 issue of TASC, “An Elegant Oscillator: Inverse Fisher Transform Redux,” author John Ehlers explains how he uses the inverse Fisher transform to create an indicator he calls the elegant oscillator. Recommendations: this version is extended compared ...

Re: Dynamic Zone indicators for MT4

I'm not disputing there is such a thing as 'natural ma' but in the context of it being in a sub window indicator I still suspect it stands for 'normalised'. [/url] NMA is calculated when iNma() function is called, for example in this line : dou...

Re: Various Indicators - (MT5)

Hello mrtools! Mood Zone Oscillator_2.mq5 can add jurik pre-smoothing? Just in line of the newest metatrader 5 "pearls" - this indicator will not work in multi time frame mode on weekends (it shall have an error in line 211 - even though there is a proper control there) - functions like C...

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