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Re: Metatrader Experiments Thread

by: mladen
Bollinger bands stops (new format) It is not just a copy/paste to the new forum The way how multi time frame is treated is changed. Previous ("old") multi time frame mode used 2 extra instances of indicator when turned into multi time frame mode. This version (and all the future versions) ...

Coding Help

by: mladen
Coding Help: Post your coding & programming questions and ask for assistance here Trading Indicator Coding Help and Programming topic for traders.png Decided to keep this subject as a section, not as a single thread. I think that this way we can have cleaner overview and state of coding issues ...

MT4 Coding Snippets

by: mladen
Time filter ... bool checkTimeLimits(uint startHour, uint endHour, datetime timeToCheck) { return(checkTimeLimits(startHour,0,0,endHour,0,0,timeToCheck)); } bool checkTimeLimits(uint startHour, uint startMinute, uint endHour, uint endMinute, datetime timeToCheck) { return(checkTimeLimits(startHour,s...