Re: Beatle's Trend Trading System

There is not much happening on the charts at the moment and NO actionable signals. But, this is the beauty of the system. We will literally learn to WAIT for the trading opportunities to come to us rather than trying to force your trading.

Of course, the higher the timeframe the longer you may wait. This means that you will have the opportunity to do anything else you want to do in the meantime :D.

Personally, I LOVE to watch TV series between trades and when I'm not teaching ;).

I am waiting for the trading opportunities on the JPY pairs. However, because I trade the higher TF's I am able to trade MANY more pairs than if I was trading the 5min or 1min chart :sweat: :thumbup:

Please remember, NEVER chase trades! If we miss the entry opportunity we simply wait for the next chance ;)

Enjoy the quiet between trades...
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Re: Beatle's Trend Trading System

BeatlemaniaSA wrote: Tue Nov 28, 2023 8:35 pm I trade the 30min and above TF's because I still teach golf and with summer on its way here that will get busier. managing the best of both worlds :Rofl:
I'm envious, here in Central Europe we've just got around -5°C and a mixture of snow, slush and gale force winds :sweat:

Do you still use higher time frames in your overall bias when trading? Or just sticking with one chart? (H1)
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