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Re: JPY news

Thank you very much ChuChu. I speculated that it must have been something like that and you confirmed it. Luckily, my EA doesn't trade when the price is beyond the 2.5 stdev of the 20 period weighted close price BB, so that prevented any trades from being automatically taken in all the JPY currenci...

Re: JPY news

Does anyone know what's going on with the JPY currencies. Some of them moved about 205 pips in five minutes this evening even though there was no news related to JPY currencies on the FX Calendar. Hello, the Yen has been performing bad for many years so the Bank of Japan occasionally needs to step ...

Re: JPY news

USD down on good US CPI data and so bets on for US interest rate cut in September. But usdjpy looks a bit overdone compared to audusd, wonder if BOJ might have put their thumb on the scales on the sly to take advantage of the move. Screenshot 2024-07-11 135122.png 🇺🇸 🇯🇵 They've intervened that's fo...

Re: What are your favorite indicators for reversal trading?

The list below are of the most powerful reversal signal indicators on our site: Chaos Visual Averages indicator (old version) Laguerre PPO indicator Bollinger Bands using Standard Deviation of 3.0 indicator Kiosotto indicator 200 SMA line touch setup template Divergences using current candle setup ...

Re: Covid Vax

Ogee wrote: Thu Jul 11, 2024 4:10 pm 'It's beyond a joke at this point.'
"Brits warned Hay fever symptoms are actually a new covid variant"

Get fucked. Next week they'll be warning us about having dandruff 😂

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