Re: EURAUD post trade analysis

Forexlearner wrote: Thu Sep 28, 2023 3:45 am where was your SL there, if any. And why?

There is an SL because I ALWAYS trade with an SL. It was just above the swing high just to the left 25-30pips.

I DON'T use tight stops ;) I have a friend who does and he is always complaining he gets stopped out so often. However, he refuses to change :D :eh:

Where YOU place your stop loss is up to you and YOUR appetite for risk!

Don't be concerned about where someone else is placing their SL. Everyone is different. I am a very conservative and cautious trader.

As I am always aiming for a trade of between 50 and 100 pips I wait for those opportunities.
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Re: Beatle's Trend Trading System

ffsss wrote: Thu Sep 28, 2023 6:47 am When do those red lines "appear"?
You mean the order projection lines? Right after the Expansion Line from the box appears.
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ffsss wrote: Thu Sep 28, 2023 7:23 am Could you tell me what timeframe is this and share the semaphore indicator?
It is an H1 chart (which does not really mean anything) and there are 5 years worth of Semaphore indicators in XARD's thread. Use anyone you prefer.
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Re: BeatlemaniaSA's XU-Hybrid Trading System

RplusT wrote: Tue Feb 15, 2022 1:52 pm For people who like to trade colour changes it's probably as simple as it can get.
I always like to give PA more space for the reason of not losing sight of direction and thus set the Ribbon to 27 and 89 LWMA and added a 63 LWMA (blue).
If an indicator sits too tight it can be misleading as Traders tend to trade bits and pieces of PA gaining nothing in the end, while the money is in pullbacks and reversals i.e. we need to focus and stay with direction. If one wants to trade for a living, moves like shown in the pic should easily make a few Grand each, subject to having sufficient funds in hand.


To prove my point....US30 Asian Session today. After some erratic action early morning, it finally got in line and was easy to trade. Nice moves up and then down. Need to take it easy, have a coffee, read the news and wait. The only purpose for Indicators is to illustrate the PA, so we can figure out at a glance.....ok, time to trade.


update US30.. a little bit can clearly see the purpose of staying with direction. If the Indi had been set too tight, you'd probably have been thinking of a reversal while I made another 100 pips doing nothing.
I guess the explanation should be sufficient now.


ok, last one.....Woohooo...... 400 points at the EU opening only.. .Icing on the cake...What a day.....if you simply followed direction...... I'm done for the day!

What is the lines connected to the semaphores. Looks like lucky reversal?
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