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Re: Export .csv file after backtest.

by: ffsss
Hi ffsss, That EA code below does similar. To check csv after test, go to \tester\files folder. double count13 = 0; double count15 = 0; void OnTick() { if(Hour() == 13) count13 += 1; if(Hour() == 15) count15 += 1; } //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| | //+---...

Fully customizable EA

by: ffsss
Hi, I have visited this forum for a long time and now I also want to contribute to it. So I will share my EA which I consider is highly customizable and can be adapted to all types of profiles and trading styles with the correct parameters. This EA uses some indicators I found on this forum from mla...

Divergence For Many Indicators

by: ffsss
Combination Divergence Indicator (for Many Indicators) This is a Divergence indicator converted from tradingview . This MT4 indicator can display Divergences for: MACD MACD Histogram RSI Stochastic CCI Momentum OBV (On Balance Volume) Volume Weighted MACD Chaikin Money Flow Money Flow Index You can...

Re: Divergence For Many Indicators

by: ffsss
From time to time (see: screenshot) I get the text "text". Pretty unclear what it refers to and how to get rid of it. [/url] They must be divergences too i guess. Set "Show indicator names" to First letter or Dont show and i...

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: ffsss
I found this indicator that has converted a MT5 indicator to MT4 but they did a terrible job by just copy/pasting the code and hoping it will work. The way bars are processed is inversed in MT5 (from 0 to rates_total) while in MT4 it's from Bars to 0. of course the result is different from the orig...