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MT5 Band Indicators.

From Mladen:

In “ Moving Average Bands” (part 1, TASC July 2021 issue) and “Moving Average Band Width” (part 2, TASC August 2021 issue), author Vitali Apirine explains how moving average bands can be used as a trend-following indicator by displaying the movement of a shorter-term moving average in relation to the movement of a longer-term moving average

This is the "Moving Average Bands" indicator with only one change compared to the original : you can chose the price (while in the original only close price is used)

You can use color changes for entries, re-entries and possible exits

This is the extended version.
Moving Average Bands - extended.mq5
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Re: MT5 Band Indicators.

By Mladen and his description:

According to the author Vitali Apirine, the width of the moving average bands indicator can be used as an indicator of volatility.

Vitali Apirine:

The distance between the bands will widen as volatility increases and will narrow as volatility decreases. The moving average band width (MABW) measures the percentage difference between the bands. Changes in this difference may indicate a forthcoming move or change in the trend.

In this version the only deviation from the original published in TASC August 2021 magazine is that the indicator is drawing periods when the bands width is reaching its extreme lows in red (as a possible sign of expansion after extreme congestion)

It is not a directional indicator - it indicates volatility
You can probably use it for indication of possible trend changes (after the lower extremes are reached) or trend continuation after a period of ranging
Moving Average Bands Width.mq5
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