MM EA or script for TP multiple orders

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MM EA or script for TP multiple orders

Hi Mladen and the great team behind forex-station.
I have a request, if possible, to the great coders in this forum. I'm a momentum/price action/support resistance trader. I trade purely manually. When I see a possible trade I jump in, but of course, I always get the initial drawdown. So, with adequate MM I buy or sell more positions. My TP is very brief, 5 pips (50 on 5 digit broker).
My request, if possible, to this brilliant family, is a simple EA, that places a TP of 50 pips on all opens orders. For example, I buy a 0.01 lot, EU at 1.17300. The EA should place the TP at 1.17350. Price drops to 1.17200. I buy one more 0.01 position. The EA should be able to calculate the new average price ( which will be 0.02 lot at 1.17250) and move the TP to 1.17300 ( still 50 pips). If price drops again to 1.17100 and I buy one more 0.01 (which will be 0.03 lot 1.17200) should change the TP to 1.17250 ( always 50 pips from average price). I do this manually, but as I trade 9 pairs daily, sometimes its crazy to change all the TPs manually. I looked everywhere and googled a lot, but all the EAs and scripts out there only set the TP (and SL) for one single position, they do not calculate the average price if there are new positions on the same cross, nor do they modify the initial TP if needed. Of course it would be good if it could be used on several pairs, simultaneously.
Many thanks for reading my request and keep up the good work. Green pips to everyone.


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