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Re: Something interesting please post here (Metatrader)

how i can add multiple S/D zone indicator attached ... to find combination of S/D zone at same area?? See video, same as style.! Have you tried this one? You can load multiple timeframe SD zones using separate id's !!! SS_SupportResistance_Support MT4 Build 765 Bl...

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

nice sd zones Jon, of course it depends on the timeframe you want to trade,for now it seems there is no uptrend on 1H(previous high SD not broken and certainly not by a decent impulse up. And zoomed out we see this: 2 big impulses down. [/url] ...

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

USD/JPY 1 hr chart, Price looked like it was struggling to go lower, entered on the trendline break and TP at the top there.

What do you think of these types of setups M? Should i have waited for break of structure and entered on the next wave?

Hope all is well
2022-11-17 17_34_24-USDJPY,H1.png

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

I made a mistake today; I got the entry correct but my TP wasn't hit. I missed it by a few pips. I've re-evaluated my setup and learned to just let it go, At the end of the day i preserved my capital 2022-11-15 19_50_00-GBPUSD.i,H1.png Tomorrow is another day:) Plenty of opportunities around the cor...

Re: XU-Hybrid 7 (Preview)

Enes Kocoglu wrote:
Sun Nov 13, 2022 1:09 am
I use google translation. and unfortunately it only translates what is written. I paid attention to the photo sharing now.
Just to be clear i was only poking fun at you :D

Glad to have people from different countries here, I guess you can look forward to December then ;)

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