MT5 Moving Averages (MAs)

as moving averages are one of the best filters available for prices, it is worth to focus on moving averages , and now with this version of mladen that provides with different speeds to check for different moving averages at a glance, and what is more impressive is the ribbon here attaching ema variation ribbon

with experiments settings of,,
20, 2.5 ,1 and
13, 2.5, 1.8

more lights will be thrown by our experts mladen, mr tools and mntiwana,

thanks a lot to all of them. and hoping that more adaptive moving averages will follow soon here.

Re: Moving Averages (MAs)

rijay wrote: Sat Dec 22, 2018 4:32 pm.
mr rijay you always providing awesome tools & now nice new goods for mt5 from u!! thank u for always posting great stuff
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Re: Moving Averages (MAs)

moey_dw wrote: Sat Dec 22, 2018 4:53 pm

mr rijay you always providing awesome tools & now nice new goods for mt5 from u!! thank u for always posting great stuff
that is really magic of mladen for releasing atr adaptive jma,

all thanks should be to him,

he is lion hearted to provide with really fantastic atr adaptive moving averages for many years now.

he releases moving averages with most optimised settings so that those who do not know market behaviour, can also use it on his default settings from the first day of learning about markets.
one very good example for mt4 moving average is step one more average 2.3 mtf version .

Re: Moving Averages (MAs)

Moving average ribbon,
a difference being,
this ribbon with two different timeframe settings in single indicator, makes it possible to analyse, all multiple timeframe analysis possible at a single glance on one chart, and gives composite idea of where prices stands in relation with all higher timeframes,

another fabulous coding by mladen,

thanks to mladen and mrtools for great indicators.

read instructions carefully for loading templet for mft analysis. with settings also attached.

Re: Moving Averages (MAs)

for getting early entry and exit from expected end of swings, as prices moves faster always, so this seems to be based on t3 and jjma moving averages, fast enough to react, just like mladen's version of separate window version more and less talked of, and matching with adaptive jam version of mladen. 17 jjma looks ok with rest of settings on default, needs smooth algorithm in include folder though.

Re: Moving Averages (MAs)

Jimmy wrote: Thu Feb 21, 2019 4:26 pm

Welcome back Rijay we've missed your posts :!:

thank you Dear Jimmy,

just putting in small effort , as i have been rewarded by good work of mladen and mrtools over many years, not to forget the power you and mntiwana adds to their coding skills by putting extra efforts to help others here.

at times overhead resistance of lack of time is more stronger, but will put in more bullish efforts to break that resistance for sure.

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