MT5 CCI indicators

From Mladen Rakic:::

This indicator is one of the series of "experiments"

even though it is named CCI, it is not actually CCI
the calculating method is changed significantly compared to original CCI which make the usage as it is usual for classical version (via fixed levels) obsolete
for that reason a sort of dynamic levels are added (a sort of Donchian channel levels added)
basic types of averages can be used :
for main calculation
for price smoothing (as a possible method of signals filtering without significant lag addition)


You can use the color changes as signals
Comparison :

An example why is it still called CCI.
Upper is this indicator, lower is the classical CCI.
Regardless of the completely different values produced, the relative values / slopes are very similar

Re: MT5 CCI indicators

mrtools wrote: Mon Apr 25, 2022 4:08 am Made a mt5 version.
Hello MrTools, thank you for this great indicator. I have a request. Can you please add arrows when the blue and red line cross. Looking forward to it. Thanks for your time and amazing work here.

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