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Re: Windows 10 to 11

Amen, brother. I would join forces with you and my law degree. If you play Hunter S. Thompson, I'll play Dr. Gonzo.🤪 Lol, but they probably have protection because it’s in the “legal agreements” If you sign yourself into a binding contract its too late Only can sue for covering up the fact they are...

Re: Windows 10 to 11

JohnnyRy wrote: Thu May 23, 2024 2:33 am
then half of america will reject gates and his privacy invasion windows
lol we dont need your microsoft new world order trash
sue microsoft, sue microsoft, ban microsoft, ban microsoft

Re: Windows 10 to 11

I go in task or device manager and disable mic and camera /and use tape Plus any sus things like GPS I turn on 2 step verification my email and backup my data I buy Linux computer because windows sus I install anti virus I put passwords on bootup and dont save my passwords/address/cards in browser C...

Re: Why Riaan Swiegelaar Left The Satanic Church For Christianity

JohnnyRy wrote: Wed May 22, 2024 7:08 am King James version quote?
Should be or new king james, romans 1:25
The hell description was just from experience videos i watched
It is so gruesome and brutal, not even satan wants to go there, originally designed for him and his fallen angels

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