Re: EMA 9, 20 magnet, using levels and "feel" of the price I finally finding my edge

Could not upload it fast enought.....

****News time, small lots let's run it , bought when the price is expensive,minus for me but I just power on PC , big selling pressure is there so I go long but late ,tp1 ema1440 or to smash that res first,this is just before waiting for aaa setup as this is not fully my style ,so I will lock small profit first and then leave it if the train leaves the station,I would like to see cut true ema 1440 or that consolidation level , those lvls are like a magnet ,

****she wants to go lower but does not matter,I stay with a small profit and leave it for a possible run,it will make a pullback for sure ASAP, if take me out ok, warm up trade

*****Enough warming up , the market still not giving me good opportunity , was watching usdzar but she is angry again and collapsed early
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