MagnifyEMA 9, 20 magnet, using levels and "feel" of the price I finally finding my edge

Hi guys, for couple of months I become very active on ff site (1min reversal system )as for long time I am looking for system that suits me.
You can check the thread, and also KOF (king of the forex YouTube videos to check the logic).My predator helios lap top died(the best thing that happened to me for trading) and I am using my wife small Mac so sorry if I can not share something because it is sooo hard to use mt4 with Mac,at least for me,,,

Basically price will touch ema 9 ,ema 20 in one moment.I am watching m1 and m5 tf all the time and looking for price extension and how price behave," I mark points of interest(points where price hover for some time, days etc) and when price approach those levels, if rsi is giving me green light(rsi div), and price aggressively approach those poi, with good distance towards ema 9 (as my safe target ) I take a shoot,also watching m1 tf and distance between price and especially ema 50 and 100) ,thing is,ema 9 will got hit,just metter of time, sometimes I wait more and miss opportunity,as I put common sense ,like before on ga I was kinda sure that first level will not hold as I was thinking it is too obvious for that support and everyone see this ,if I am on dd I may charge more, exit again on ema 9,or wait ema 20,but I think the safest is ema 9 "
" forgot to say what help me a bit personally to identify “forces “ behind price , it is also channel of ema 8 hi/lo/ and lsma with these settings that i described in the first picture.
visually it is perfect for me,ema 9 touching lsma and making big fat line is a good sign in my eyes, also ema8 channel help to see where is the price at the moment (outside, inside, how long outside/ inside )
and also, i may take a look on M1 with settings of qqe and ema in subwindow,described second picture (can give me a boost that price will soon reach ema 9 ;5 min tf, or M1 tf approximately ema 50).
Anyway, for some trader this is nothing ,and can not see the edge there, but for me fits excellent.
On this journal I will sometime put poi in advance ,can be poi1 /2/3 ,as usually price may react there ,small reaction or big reaction, you can compare these levels with your approach as well, for. me I am not touching system anymore, now all come to mm and we will see in time how this will evolve.All the best
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Re: EMA 9, 20 magnet, using levels and "feel" of the price I finally finding my edge

I have sooo many examples, but lets go forward and give levels of interest in advance, some time I am waiting so long,and than I think setup will occur and it is not...So as we all know, it is waiting game/ business ,lot of setup will be missed, but again, waiting is the essential for this.
Also,sl/tp, i am using hard sl,as I said, exiting at ema 9 or ema 20 tf 5 min,or proximately ema 50 m1... Lot of things to consider, but main thing for me is how price behave around poi...
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