SadRe: EMA 9, 20 magnet, using levels and "feel" of the price I finally finding my edge

charli wrote: Sat May 18, 2024 5:35 pm And the long term that i will be watching, again, all depends on how the price behaves, how she comes to those lvls, and how strong is the correction during the way, some targets could be taken out so setups can fail during the way, but this is ideally scenarios for me, from there I would be switching to lower tf and observing when price comes to extremes.
by the way,I made a good trade on USDzar , but soon we will see a major long move, again,if the price goes lower I will be looking only at long position ,if correction is strong on 1mtf than short
every pair reacted, reviewing later for the journal, staying very serious :think: :Shifty: :lolno:
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