Re: EMA 9, 20 magnet, using levels and "feel" of the price I finally finding my edge

charli wrote: Fri Feb 23, 2024 9:10 pm it is coming it is coming, lucky i`ve entered small lots, AND I SHOULD WAIT UPER BB TO GET HIT and enter with a bigger lot , ema 100 ,100 % :-)
and she is flying and she is flying , nothing is stoping it, joke aside, when bb shows big impulse like when I said my prediction it is really big confirmation, now,after that I have to wait, and wait,if trade missed ,well,next time,must wait more ,ideally price to got rejected from ema 20 first, than go more aggressively up,than on m5 leave wicks and go more up, ,than if uper bb got hit and imbalance is there,plus good level on the left it is aaa+ setup and easily can invest bigger money
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