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Re: A few custom indicators

carissimopaul, Thu Jan 23, 2020 10:20 am

Non-repainting custom indicators for you

As my contribution, here are a few custom indicators I've worked on.
These don't repaint (sorry about the names)

  • OSC - Simple trend filtering using RSI.
  • CMO - Chande Momentum Oscillator with color, levels and convergence/divergence. ( convergence/divergence code is borrowed)
  • Buy/Sell Pressure - A trend & trend strength filter using volume and price. ( Not my code, just ported it to MT4.)
  • Chart Sync - Changes all charts its attached to, to the same symbol.
  • Clean Chart - Sanitizes and maximizes chart space, especially useful when viewing multiple charts.(some code not mine)

Same chart above with "Clean Chart".

Pips pay my bills - Chart Sync.ex4
(9.41 KiB) Downloaded 629 times
Pips pay my bills - Clean Chart V.2.ex4
(13.22 KiB) Downloaded 587 times
Pips pay my bills - CMO.ex4
(59.09 KiB) Downloaded 677 times
Pips pay my bills - OSC.ex4
(15.21 KiB) Downloaded 649 times
Pips pay my bills - Buy Sell Pressure II.ex4
(10.42 KiB) Downloaded 588 times
Pips pay my bills - Buy Sell Pressure II.ex4
Re-upload, fixed minor drawing issue.
(10.52 KiB) Downloaded 659 times
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