CandlesticksWhat kind of Holy Grail ?

I'm wondering about the holy grail and i'm trying to understand what it could be.
First option is a "simple" buy and sell arrows with 100% wins and trading all the time (taking ALL signals). Of course I don't think such holygrail exist, it would be insane
Second option : a system that has 100% wins , but doesn't trade all the time, only at specific moments. I think it's more plausible, but highly unlikely to have 100% Hitrate in the long run.
Third option : a system that makes ~100% a month but with some losses. More realistic

Do you think such systems exist?
what is your kind of holy grail ?



Re: What kind of Holy Grail ?

It does exist. I tried so many indicators from 2017 till now and found the ones that work for my style. BUT it can only be traded on one chart GBPAUD since the settings are configured for that currency. What I've learnt is that one strategy will never work on all currencies(when it comes to binary - because of volatility)

Re: What kind of Holy Grail ?

Hey Jeff,

I trade mostly short time frames (3,5 min) and the stock indicies. Here's an example of the dow and indicators on my chart. Not as clean as I'd like but in practice it works well. I really like the fxnuke indicator as a base for direction. Halftrend from what I've seen seems to be a solid entry and exit signal. On the smaller time frames it's mostly about trying to filter some of the volatility. I'm not sure about others but I tried the multi time frame trading- looking at say a 15 min and 5 min chart- using the smaller for entry and exit but mostly was just confusing. What is helpful for me are pivot points or some other type of target- murrey math is good also. Every symbol trades in a different way so you have to get used to the different personalities. When I first started trading I was obsessed with finding the best entry indicator, something that would give me an "edge". Now I think the secret is to wait until a trend is established and get in on a high confidence trade. Buy pullbacks on an uptrend and vice versa. This isn't new advice but just sharing my experience. Hope it helps. Cheers.

Re: What kind of Holy Grail ?

So this is another system... abletrend. It costs a lot and I don't use it anymore (they still charge me the fee every year though haha). The indicators you can find on this forum work as well if not better. Cheers.

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