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traderduke wrote:
Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:36 am
Can somebody tell me how to fix this line.
expression not boolean RK-StepMa_bss_sq_soma2.3_wto-3MAhlL_Dol EA-v2-wtrendwdayw8.5TrlS.mq4 247 26

//Skip if trading 24hrs
line 247 if (Trade24hr) return(True);
I seem to have a lot of these now.
thank you

Clarify; Can somebody tell me how to fix these line.

expression not boolean 193 26 line 193 if (Trade24hr) return(True);
expression not boolean 277 8 line 277 return(0);
expression not boolean 294 8 line 294 return(0);

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