Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

StuartWong wrote:
Mon Nov 28, 2022 4:05 pm
Dear BabLeBaobab,

Good day to you.
It is okay to struggle initially. I have struggled too for many hours, days, weeks and months.
Consider me like a patient, having admitted to the hospital, now being discharged, share a few thoughts for your consideration.
I wish to add these thoughts have its source from Mr Xard himself and Mr FourXXXX, if there is any mistake or misapplication of their thoughts, it has nothing to do with them, I am responsible for it. I suggest you go seek clarification from them.

These are my humble thoughts, a fellow trader learning this system on the go.


I really want to thank about the understanding you've gave me. You 've illuminated my day today, perhaps my week, next weeks and so on who knows?
I'll continue to watch the system and study it.
Thanks a lot.

And see you soon on this thread ;)

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

sgarr wrote:
Wed Nov 30, 2022 7:56 pm
1h I hope it's the beginning of a great journey, see you tomorrow
Very good. Now you are more aligned with a high timeframe "trend."

Good luck to you. Keep it at H1/M30 (or up to D1/H4 if you want to make it more smooth).

Currency pairs/Forex also works.

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

xard777 wrote:
Wed Nov 30, 2022 5:09 am
Gold looks nicely setup for a DOWN move... will keep an eye on it.
I am no expert but I believe you could additionally add some kind of custom formula fractal to increase further confidence, maybe a heikin Ashe fractal or smoothed heikin or media body thing,

If you think it’s possible please do seek it out it would be very helpful
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The ever elusive and annoying 2nd Dot entry

Hi all. This is my Xmas gift to the Forum for all the great work and insight I have learnt from over the years. A special thanks to Mr. Tools, Kvak, Banzai, Xard777 and our Station Commander Jimmy.

I am a PA trader but do look and test other systems and I have noticed that there is so much annoyance out there concerning entry into a trade upon the appearance of a second dot in the Xard System

What I done was relatively simple AND PLEASE follow instructions carefully as I wrote this code last night whilst looking BTMM charts where he uses the Moving averages EMA/Close 5, 13 ,50 and based the code on those looking back at 16 Candles after the appearance of a Semaphore. You decide if this works for you as for me on my charts it actually look's good.

Now I was too deep into the code that I simply did not change the settings labels and values but you can do so on the input fields where you replace MA5=5 with 9 and MA13=13 with 36. The 3rd MA is similar to the prior GoldBands where we either trade above or below it AND if you do do so then replace MA50=50 WITH YOUR OWN MA value. If you don't care about this 3rd MA then USE THE SAME VALUE OF YOU SECOND MA, viz, 36.

ALSO make sure you have the 3 correct Semaphore value inputted, 9, 36 and I think 88 (as per Xard settings) Please ask and verify these values

There are 2 entry indicators A and B. Now indicator A does not use the major semaphore value (88) as an entry point and when placed on your charts you will notice this. The entry WILL be the second dot AFTER the appearance of a major dot. Now Indicator B counts this major semaphore as a second dot (Or at time it is actually a first dot either long OR short) and signals an entry point AFTER a MA crossover. Please test this carefully on your charts an decide which approach you prefer ALSO after considering the "GoldBands / 3rd MA" as mentioned above, viz, trading above OR below a third MA.

For sure at times based on the MA crossovers especially in volatile markets / pairs or in a flat range you will get false or invalid signals that is why I prefer using the 3rd MA as well to minimize this result achieving more reliable trend trading entry points

The exit indicator simply appears AFTER the appearance of ANY of the semaphore values. Buy exit will be above the fast MA and short exit the semaphore will be below the fast MA. After Semaphores are infamous for the repaints - take this into consideration when using the Exit indicator BUT insofar as entry is concerned I doubt it repaints within the allowed range 0f 16 candles AFTER a MA crossover.

Finally MAKE SURE YOU ALSO PLACE THE 3-level-zz-semafor LD indicator into your Indicators folders. These will not work without that AND you need not do anything here with it input values.

Enjoy and please note I am not a MQL developer but a SQL database guy and simply used my logic in this development. I cannot expand on this any further.

Regards and Happy Holidays, Merry XMas and a prosperous New year to all my fellow Forum folk

Updates - use these below OR
XU_2ndDOT Xover B.ex4
(23 KiB) Downloaded 79 times
XU_2ndDOT Xover A.ex4
(25.36 KiB) Downloaded 88 times
3-level-zz-semafor LD.ex4
(17.58 KiB) Downloaded 70 times
XU_2ndDOT Exit.ex4
(12.81 KiB) Downloaded 89 times

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