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Re: Jedidiah's Holy Grail: Day Trading, The Trend Is Your Friend Trading System

Hello, I've try the custom candle indicator and I need to agree than I 'm really a big fan. I've just notice that the H4 candle is not the same than my H4 graph candle. So when watch it, the price action has nothing to see. How to make them match the h4 market candles? expect to be understood... sor...

Re: XXXX Trading System "Money For Nothing" (except blood, sweat, tears and persistence)

Great set up, try to use with mine for the last 2 days. Can you or somebody explain what are the points taken in consideration with the fibonacci green and blue?
Understand the white one witch is the fib retracement but can manage with the others.
Thanks a lot


Re: Live Trades & Ideas: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

The chart said buy at the Index Entry line, if you entered there and placed a stop just above break even when you took the screenshot how many PIP$ could have made? Hello, in order to understand, as I always try to do... You take the Xard index entry systematically ( it can repaint but with the sta...

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