All this for a virus which is only as deadly as the common flu ??

Countries are stock pilling vaccine doses for a continuous vaccination programme, Australia has so far bought enough for 14 shots per person.

Each shot adds vaccine pressure to encourage the virus to evolve at an ever increasing rate while depleting the natural immune system's own antibody production.

This idiocy is going to have very serious consequences if it's not stopped immediately.


Joe Rogan interviews Dr Peter McCullough podcast.

Dec 8th. Full 3 hour show.

I was going to note the times of the best bits but there is just too much, really need to hear the whole thing. Never heard Rogan so quiet before, his last words were 'that was really disturbing'.

McCullough is a walking encyclopaedia and just doesn't stop, he must have sited 30 odd research papers throughout. I've followed him since early 2020 but most of his youtube vids were banned and so would this one be.

Some of the talking points. The lack of covid treatments to prevent hospitalisations, still nothing from the officials, deliberate inducing of fear, they could have saved 85% of covid deaths if were not fixed on a single solution (vax).
Mass psychosis and group think. Hyperimmune response and cytokine storms, alt treatments HCQ, Ivermectin, oral-nasal wash 4hr, vit d ... Official false narratives, asymptomatic spread, asymptomatic testing, repeat infections, repeat vaccinations, PCR can't distinguish between flu and covid, PCR false positives, vax can't protect others, censorship and foul play to undermine Drs, scientists and alt treatments. Continual build up of spike proteins in body if vaxxed every 6 months, Vax adverse events...

Covers almost everything of the last 20 months. ... s&mc=d169l

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