Re: v2v dynamic system

I'm thinking of adding the classic standard deviation bands as an option. This is like the classic market/volume profile tools out there.

Currently, the bands you're seeing as described on the first post (post #1) herein are based on Average Range (ATR or Average (N) Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Range. This is for the band size width while using the statistical Z-score or Fibonacci-based calculation with MVWAP or classic VWAP value as its starting point for band expansion (+/-)

Re: v2v dynamic system

The current release... v2v dynamic trading system 
─ Reset button: On-trigger ─> Reposition the vertical line guides and check for data horizon breach.
This will change tick/volume data source to... e.g. _Period == H4 ? PERIOD_M5 : _Period == D1 ? PERIOD_M15 : _Period > D1 ? PERIOD_M30 : PERIOD_M1
─ New templates and parameter updates
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Re: v2v dynamic system

nathanvbasko wrote:
Wed Oct 20, 2021 4:42 pm
Nearing the finish line... v2v dynamic trading system
─ Put back the MVWAP feature as it now handles the on-load recalculation of bars problem.
─ New templates and parameters (navigational button repositioning)
Could you show the entry and exit conditions in the last screenshot?

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