DislikeBitcoin is going down like the Titanic & here are the memes

Bitcoin is going down like the Titanic & here are the memes


According to Stockhead, Bitcoin is "going down like the Titanic". Sounds like these guys have never seen a Forex chart before, but as Bitcoin continues it's move towards the downside due to China tightening its Crypto crackdown, some Crypto "Analysts" are blaming a once-in-a-lifetime "death cross" of two moving averages intertwining last week :roll:

Others who are pretending to be traders are doing just that and spending their day making memes (again) :lmao:
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Re: Bitcoin is going down like the Titanic & here are the memes

Meanwhile El Salvador announced their intentions to build Bitcoin mining facilities using geothermal energy. The nation’s president, Nayib Bukele, announced that the head of the project will be the geothermal electrical company LaGeo SV.

The president mentioned in a tweet that he had spoken to the company head, and have both come to an agreement to put forth a plan for BTC mining facilities. These will offer ” Bitcoin mining with very cheap, 100% clean, 100% renewable, 0 emissions energy from our volcanos…”

Reality is often stranger than fiction. :think:

Re: Bitcoin is going down like the Titanic & here are the memes

alisawilson007 wrote:
Wed Jul 07, 2021 4:46 pm
Well, I am glad people are finding amusement in misery but the dip is not ending and I would love suggestions on how long I should hold on to my investment.
Try follow @CryptoCred and @TylerDurden (of zerohedge fame) on twitter.

Looking at the chart mid range between the weekly support and resistance, the support looks sound with repeated buying at 30,000. Would be looking for a breakout above daily resistance at 35,880 and then a test of the weekly resistance level.

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