Re: Trading Pullbacks System

eu 1M again very nice today but watch the black vertical line here price is heading North=did not reach previous low=SL, but in the mean time you should have made massive profits shorting all the way down and taking longs when the MA's +pullbacks are telling you to act properly. Take what you can get and losses... well they are part of the game; give back not be to greedy.
cheers M.

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

Meyney wrote:
Sat Jan 30, 2021 3:16 am
Finally a decent short on gy :D. First wait for the quick/sharp opposite (short) move after this big upmove
These are great charts and setups and it seems that you really have the 1 Minute timeframe all figured out. What draws you to such a small timeframe?

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