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I would like to ask the help of a coder to add some options to the indicator Hodrick Prescott MA (attached).

1. Add the option to display arrow and/or dots to the cross over of the two lines a per the attached image.

2. Add the option to have alerts including sound and push notification.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance with this,
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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Hi mrtools,
I need a new indicator based on centered moving average.
I'll try to explain it as well as possible.
The cyclical theory that I know says that the fast centered moving average crosses the slow centered moving average at the halfway of the cycle, so if we measure the distance from the last low/high of the cycle to the price where the centered moving averages crossed we can add/get out this value to the crossover price and see where price theoretically will do its cycle high/low.
I need an indicator that calculates this distance and draw a line (Like the lines of pivot point indicator) at the price target (price where centered moving averages crossed +/- this distance).
To automatically find the low/high of the cycle whence calculate the distance, the indicator calculate the lower/higher price from the date where centered moving averages crossed for the first time to the current cross.
Here the explanation on charts> At the end the indicator should be so:
I hope this explanation will be usefull for the programmers and for the other traders which want to use this indicator, but pay attention that, as I said before, it repaints!



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