DownloadNeed a simple Money Management Expert Advisor fixed(I failed with chatGPT)

I have search around multiple forums for a simple(in my mind at money management expert advisor but could not find one as needed. So I decided to give chatGPT a try considering I have no coding skills at all. I did my best to define the rules and chatGPT generated the code in about 30 seconds plus complied the first time around. I did have my fingers crossed and spent about an hour or so typing back and forth with chatGPT to get it to work but in the end the Expert Advisor will not work as needed. I'm hoping one of the skilled coders here could help bring this EA to life. TIA Dave

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hello folks!
Please can someone help with an ea coding? essentially I'm looking for an ea which closes an open position on a next closing candle. for example: I use 4h tf and open a trade as soon as I get a signal and I need the order to be closed as soon as next candle closes. below is the sample

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Can anybody show me the buffer values of this G Channel indicator for trend detection showing the color of central band?
Also what value one places to use multi timeframe function within the indicator?

I am using iCustom function to use this ex4 indicator file.. Is the buffer no9 for trend detection?

iCustom(NULL,0,"! G Channel (mtf + alerts + arrows + candles + btn)",0,0,"gc b1",200,0,0,true,2,clrRed,clrLime,true,1,3,3,6,clrMediumSeaGreen,clrOrangeRed,clrDimGray,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,2,2,10,10,,clrDodgerBlue,clrSandyBrown,true,0,1,35,35,80,22,"Arial",10,clrBlack,clrDimGray,clrLime,"G Chan",9,0);

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alpha24 wrote: Sat May 27, 2023 3:05 am I am not pro coder.even though tried to make this Moving average for any symbol. Can some one look in to this and repair mistakes done by me please?
It's not possible with on chart indicators.

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mrtools wrote: Sat May 27, 2023 3:07 am It's not possible with on chart indicators.
Already done but mt4 crash in mtf mode please correct this.
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