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Re: Suggestions to improve forex-station.com site

moey_dw wrote:
Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:51 pm
Good day staffs can i say thx 2 u for new pretty icons nice and easy for the eyes :wave:
Haha thanks for the feedback Moey. We're testing a few variants of this color scheme at the moment but all the front page icons we change will all have the same "smooth" appearance and colors.
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Site suggestions to improve

For the main purpose of improving this site, I like to help and give my contribution regarding improvements:
- images on pages don't work after a while. For example see: viewtopic.php?f=578267&t=8472192
- adding an image when making a new reply in a thread, is hard for beginners. There is an IMG button, but where is the upload button? If I cannot find it, then I suggest to make this ability more visible and clear for new members of forex-station.
- this may not be an improvement, but I'd still like to regard it, which is when opening an image, then the 'zoom in' function appears in the webpage. In most forums if you open an image, you can either 'backspace' to go to previous page or ctrl + w to close the tab of the image as to go back to where you were in the thread. But in this website both backspace (or alt + left arrow) or ctrl + w don't appear to be useful as you need to move the mouse all the way to the top right corner to close it. In my opinion this simple movement making it go around seems rather excessive.

On top of the said improvements, I'd like to commend and applaud for:
- the 'browse images' function. This is very useful.

I hope these tips help.

If I find more improvement to help out the site, I would be willing to contribute again. Happy pipping!

Re: Site suggestions to improve

- now it is not possible to download files directly from the download page (attachment page). It re-directs me to the thread where the file resides, and from there I have to scroll down a lot (if the post is large in size) and then I'm able to download it. My suggestion is to make the files directly downloadable by clicking once on the file in the attachment page (instead of going to the thread again and then scroll down and then download). Especially if there are multiple files, one might prefer clicking insta-downloads rather than browsing back to all threads.

Re: Suggestions to improve forex-station.com site

-I cannot use ctrl + b to bold text in a reply.
- when I click on the reply or 'quote' button in a thread, then I cannot type instantly because the page is loading which causes the 'text field' to shift a bit downwards. The result is that I missclick while trying to click on the text field to activate the FOCUS on the field. I think the button for 'bold' creates this bug. I suggest to fix this as to make the functionality more user friendly.

*sorry I was trying to edit my own message in the other thread with the same name.

Re: Site suggestions to improve

- the download buttons in the threads are not clear (not jumping out in the eye). My suggestion is to make this more visually 'seen' for a user friendly interface.

Re: Site suggestions to improve

- many images in threads do not work (probably because the links were temporary). Aren't there free 'image databases' that this site can use? Or otherwise pay 10 dollar a month, it shouldn't be that much right? Because images say more than a thousand words, that makes a forum great.

Re: Site suggestions to improve

- search function is not ideal. suggestion: When I type in "Candle Trend" it shows all threads that contain either the word "Candle" or "Trend". Good luck trying to find something clicking through 100 pages.

Re: Site suggestions to improve

- make the first post in all threads (on this forum) editable (no expiration date).
- the first thing the readers do is read the first post. The first post contains the main goal, system, tips, links, files, etc.
- a good thread contains a post #1 that is frequently updated. For example, in post #1 he refers to: 'updated in 2019: from post #300 and on you can read about the updated system 2.0. Or on post 355 you can read about the new system. In my opinion this function is needed. (high priority)

Re: Site suggestions to improve

- images are loading much slower (in comparison to other forums)

- add the version number in the indicator name. For example on page 4 and 5: viewtopic.php?f=578480&t=8472608&start=30 all updates have the same name. This may not be the most effective way if others reply on it, work on it, upload a customized version or contribute by offering solutions and improvements to a (one of the 10) TDZ indicators.

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