Broker MT4 with a lot of STOCKS + REITS :D

Hello my friends! I discovered information that may be relevant to anyone who uses MT4 and trades stocks (like me). I just discovered a broker that provides charts for MANY Stocks and is the first one I found providing for REITS such as AGNC, Crown Castle, Realty Income, American Tower and others.

Also, some ETFs like iShares family, Eurozone, Germany, etc.

I had been conducting this research for a long time and finally I was successful. :D

I hope it is useful for you, the broker is ADSS.

strong hugs!!

Re: Broker MT4 with a lot of STOCKS + REITS :D

Hello my friends. I received a PM message from xcool and I believe it might be useful for someone else here. I mentioned a few times that I really like to trade indices, stocks and reits. In addition, I found Teletrade, Adss, Arvis Capital and Blackbull Markets (the latter also has futures).

Regarding securities, I prefer blue chips + good dividend payers such as banks, consumer staples and "Sin Stocks"

my main "difficulty" is in risk management, for now I've been working with correlations and trying to use little leverage in CFDs so as not to have negative surprises...

feel free to contact me via PM :D

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