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Re: Ehlers Indicators for MT4

Hello, Added arrows. Hello Mr Tools, I hope you are well! The MT5 ATF (All Time Frames) option inserted into MT4 is one of the coolest things I've seen here in recent times. Added to this, remind me of this great confirmation indicator. Could you include ATF? I'm taking advantage of my vacation fro...

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

You both rock my socks...... seriously love Rodrigo's finds & ideas always good quality codes & now we got a Z-Score RSI which it is very clever to wrap the RSI around Bollinger outer bands/Standard Deviation & give signals when the bands are poked in this indicator with RSX Jurik as we...

Re: Already Converted TradingView Indicators to MT4 Indicators

Thanks, but unfortunately have no idea how to do it. hello Mr Tools everything is fine? For some time now, I've been wondering what it would be like to combine RSI + Z Score, as they are two indicators that I really like. I discovered today that it already exists, could you convert this Tradingview...

Re: WPR Indicators for MT4

WPR smoothed dots with mtf, alerts, arrows and button. Hi Kvak!! me once again. Taking into account that this indicator is the basis of Haos, could you update its averages? Edit: In addition, an insight came to me. Is there a possibility for you to have a version of Haos with your WPR? Of course, t...

Re: Supertrend indicators for MT4

No, indcator is ok but I would like to change color of buffer and 1 input as default setting. I dont like create indicator sets file in mt4 platform, and prefer have indicator with my customization. Only micro changes and Saving as my new ex4 file :) hello oskison, everything is fine? I saw that yo...

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

kvak wrote: Sat Apr 06, 2024 7:30 am xRSI with Super Smoother RSI

Updated version with Mladen's Supersmoother RSI.
Hi Kvak, how are you? I noticed that your avgs kit expanded a lot beyond 120. Could you please update the averages of this indicator?? :D

Thank you very much in advance.

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