Re: Educational Videos

Ogee wrote:
Mon Nov 07, 2022 9:01 pm
Trading Psychology and Mindset to become a PROFITABLE TRADER

From Tradciety. Over the last 10 years they have produced some very good videos on trading basics but this one stands out as it reinforces the role of probability and the importance of understanding it as being essential to trading success.

(30 min)

Ahh! Thanks for sharing!

Re: ICT Market Maker Video Series

Ogee wrote:
Wed Nov 09, 2022 1:01 am
Inner Circle Trading Market Maker Collection Part 1 of 4

These ICT videos were made in 2014 which I downloaded in 2016 and are the core of the ICT trading method. They were selected from the massive archive put together starting from the mid 1990s and were free at the time but the whole thing when 'pay for' a couple of years ago.

The basic concepts centre around finding major reversals and vids #3 and #4 go into great detail in explaining the 'Power of Three' and the 'Order Block' concepts. I have not used these strategies myself, I prefer intra day dip buying (rally selling) but downloaded them for interest sake.

1/ Intro to Macro (55min) (copy of video posted in the OP)
2/ Integrating Commitment of Traders data with Institutional Order Flow (40min)
3/ The Power of 3 Trading Strategy (1hr 10min)
4/ Order Block Trading Strategy (1hr 25min)
5/ Trade Plan Development for short term trades (1hr 25min)
(96.77 MiB) Downloaded 33 times
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Re: Educational Videos

Ogee wrote:
Sat May 23, 2020 4:45 pm
Apologies if this link is not allowed and please remove if that is the case.
30 minute podcast from The Times telling the story of Nav Sarao aka 'The Hound of Hounslow' who made $70 million day trading from his bedroom in his mom and dad's house in west London. Was arrested and extradited to the US after being named as the one who caused a Trillion dollar flash crash in the US markets.
Fascinating story which tracks his career in trading from working for a prop firm in London to independent trader to a court room in the US and finally back to Houndslow. ... 64082076f7
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