Xcool's Strategy: Binary Options 5 Min

Hello everyone to my topic.

I dedicate it 1.5 weeks ago to my deceased father, for this reason my posts will not be too frequent for now.
I'm sorry for that too
The strategy is for binary options.TF 5m, Exp too 5m
Thank you @ mrtools, @ Banzai and @ Amunra5 for helping me create this strategy.
Unfortunately, I don't know English and I use a translator.

I am from Poland and as a member of the European Union I am subject to SEPA regulations from 2018, hence I do not have too much broker choice.
Some time ago I decided to get one of the best Russian brokers. The broker allows you to enter for 3 minutes and I enter that long.

Re: Xcool's Strategy: Binary Options 5 Min

Entries rules

1.vcustom - comfirmed
2.spike - confirmed
3.rsi and stoch go in the right direction
4.AJ and 2 MA crosses arrows appear (no matter what order)

and of course the most important thing: the price must bounce the support / resistance

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