Re: v2v dynamic system

 ※ Heiken Ashi ─ Average Price Bars ( HA-APB ) with PAC

☛ HA-APB based Price Action Channel ( PAC ) and
☛ Average Price Line (HA-APB Low + HA-APB High)/2
☛ Fused with MTF mode.
☛ Using a non-lag algorithm
☛ With Jurik Smoothing/Filter and Deviation-Scaled Moving Average (DSMA)

✜ Price Action Channel (PAC)
─ Provides overall direction near the Price.
─ Reveals periods of consolidation.
─ Reveals periods of volatility.
─ It may Use as an Exit Target or
─ Use as a Trailing Stop Loss

Re: v2v dynamic system

2:08 PM
Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
─ Sync optimization among VP-R, VWAP and Pivot Fibs plus
─ Fixed issue when using Symbol (pair) switcher with VP-R and VWAP
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Re: v2v dynamic system

☛ Sync/Code optimizations done to all indicators
☛ Pivot Fibs plus ─ Sessions and Fx Fixings timing updates:
─ Forex Fixings ─ Frankfurt and CME-2 Fix >>> reference guide: https://fxtools.github.io/fixings.html
─ Open Session (Sydney - Tokyo - London - New York). You may need to adjust accordingly with your broker server time (chart time) ─ market24hclock.com
☛ Guest indicator: News Event indicator optimization
8:14 AM
Thursday, April 11, 2019
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
(1.62 MiB) Downloaded 82 times
Guest indicator(s):
─ For News Event:  The News_Nav.ex4 is fused with button control for News impact selection

10:13 AM
Thursday, April 11, 2019
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 
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Re: v2v dynamic system

Latest release...
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News Event indicator...
(81.62 KiB) Downloaded 74 times
(66.51 KiB) Downloaded 77 times
(1) News.ex4 ─ classic ( web XML updates run/reset timer from an on-load event )
(2) News_Event.ex4 ─ classic but with button control for impact selection ( web XML updates run/reset timer from an on-load event and when switching from News OFF to ON )

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