Re: v2v dynamic system

mtp wrote:
Sun Apr 04, 2021 3:39 pm
This system hangs for ever if one try to use it for index,any solution?
I don't know what you mean... index.

Anyhow, you may read the following information on the attached image below.

Re: v2v dynamic system

1 ) Re-introducing the PolyChromatic Momentum feature for TDZ MomenTicks
Denis Meyers that invented Polychromatic Momentum, describes it as:
Momentum is defined as the difference, or percent change, between the current bar and a bar some lookback period in the past. The major problem with using momentum-based indicators is that the optimum lookback period seems to change over time creating losses with the current chosen lookback period (this release is using a period generated via DCP calculation).
To avoid the errors due to a single lookback period we create an indicator that takes a weighted average of all significant lookback periods for the tradable. We named this indicator polychromatic because poly means many and chromatic means colors. Thus, the Polychromatic for this indicator translates into the sum of many Momentums... But this release is using all the filters under the MomenTicks family.
2 ) Minor updates on the following tools...
─ v2v MomenTicks
─ Volumes On Main Chart
─ News Events
3 ) New templates
v2v dynamic
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v2v dynamic
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Re: v2v dynamic system

Hi Nathan,

I have downloaded your system tools and studying them. Thanks a lot for it. I have one query about the below Jerry Perl rule i think :

Should we consider developing VWAP and PVP or end of previous day VWAP and PVP.

Kindly let me know.


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