Re: Reading charts like Tesla?

Krelian99 wrote:
Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:07 am

VSA is a bad way to use Volume, the worst I saw so far. "No supply", that's cute, that worked in the 70ies, today the market has changed a bit.
You are free to think whatever you want and you should take a look at that PDF.

"Now a full-time currency trader, Rayment earned
first place in the 2009 World Cup Trading Championships forex division.
He now uses a methodology of his own
creation that combines Volume Spread Analysis and DeMark’s work and indicators. "

http://www.volumespreadanalysis.com/Ima ... rticle.pdf

Re: Reading charts like Tesla?

All theories don't make sense until you do further studies on them, and you hit that 'Aha, this is what they talking about' moment. I think @FBI is got a point - visually I put some indis together(including Waddah's Exploision and Heikenashi Histo), I can see the theory in practice.

Anyway it's an interesting topic and discussions - it gave me an idea, :)

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