Re: "This Is Way More Serious Than You Think” | Elon Musk (NEW 2021)

this is very bad news that mr musk is giving to us.

i could provide further details about what mr musk is saying..

mr musk is very gently telling you that it is way too late and that the shit has already hit the fan.

several of our world's governments are being bankrupted intentionally.

trillions of dollars are being given away to certain people and they are using this money to buy up everything.

am i suggesting that a multi-trillion dollar heist is being pulled off right in front of your eyes?

yes, i am suggesting this.

in the end, they will own everything and you and i will be bankrupted.

they will own the food and you will work to eat, you will have been enslaved for the remainder of your lifetime and your children's children's lifetimes.

the people that are doing this are the same people that knocked down the world trade center buildings.

this thing that we are going thru now makes the nazi holocaust look like a bunch of children playing in a park.

your rights have been terminated.

many people will remain in denial about this, because they are unable to find a website that can confirm that this is happening.

this is why the narrative has been steadily changed.

you should laugh now, while you still can laugh.

merry christmas to all.

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